Canaletto in the Venetian Resort–In the Heart of Venice

One of my all-time favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is CANALETTO in the Venetian Resort, located right on the canal in the 2nd floor shopping mall. This huge restaurant is two stories with plenty of indoor and outdoor, as we shall say, dining in the Italian piazza area. The Venetian resort is theme-oriented and this lovely dining area is recreated with bridges and waterways to be a replica of St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

The founders of Il Fornaio restaurants feature wonderful house-made pastas, salads and soups, wood-fired rotisserie and grilled meats, game and poultry, along with pizzas and plenty of pasta dishes.

I started with a lovely Mojito. First up was the Insalata Di Rape: Roasted organic yellow and purple beets, wild arugula, asiago cheese, toasted walnuts, red wine and lemon vinaigrettes, Grigliata Di Pesce Con Polenta.

For the main course I had a mixed grill of salmon, sole, prawn, scallop, and calamari topped with lemon olive oil; served with grilled polenta and sautéed seasonal vegetables, along with the Asparagi Alla Griglia, fresh asparagus grilled with extra-virgin olive oil. There is such an extended menu to choose from and I try to eat here at least every couple of months. The entertainment makes a regular night into an exceptional night.



The upstairs area can host small and large groups all overlooking St. Mark’s. The service is always excellent and you will find yourself immersed in Italy, as most everyone speaks Italian. Our waiter Gilberto Soto was exceptional with his service.  Open 11:30-11 nightly.  

The courtyard features strolling Italian musicians, acrobatic acts, and all kinds of entertainment which can be enjoyed from your table. Canaletto is the Winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2007. The one photo is of my dining companion and one of the lovely ladies from group sales, Natasha. I, of course, was taking the photo! Reach out to Kelly Mendez for any group you might have. 702-733-0070