Carry the Light of Healing


Absence of companionship, felt under the canvas of our spirit, brings sorrow upon one’s soul as the development process begins to take hold of our understanding and acceptance of reality, and adaptations to the empty space and time left behind.

Reminders within our memory and thoughts are painted by the desires of touch and embraced by the tears of a silent heartbeat; longing to be held with the comfort of happiness and joy found only in the eyes of your love in life.

As the vortex of serenity surrounds our presence in solitude, we cling to hope of His grace as we meditate in prayer for protection and guidance; we greet the mornings with gratitude and humility.

Walk the turtle with the assurance of being prepared to endure all aspects of difficulty without feelings of insecurity or fears, knowing we carry the light of healing. Plant the seeds of inspiration as we go forward with purpose and integrity while becoming an earth angel to many souls lost in darkness.

Inspired by love of Justine ❤ ✝

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash