Time Is Your Capital–Invest it Wisely

I have found for me that time management is all about discipline. The top salespeople learn how to master and incorporate that into their daily routines.

Resolve to Succeed

As a noun, resolve refers to a strong determination to do something.

What Are Your Plans for 2020? Part 6

My goal overall is to get you committed to your plans, but most importantly, to get you to take action; so you can make your dreams come true.

What Are Your Plans for 2020? Part 5

People who are successful have a great confidence and self-belief. I doubt that you will ever hear them say, "I hope to become successful."

What Are Your Plans for 2020? Part 4

There is a phrase that Dave Ramsey uses which has so much validity to it; it goes like this, “Live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else.”

4 Areas of IP Law That Can Save You From Disaster

Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or part of a new startup, it is absolutely vital to have a basic grasp of intellectual property (IP) law so that you can avoid having your ideas stolen or flushed out of the market by competitors.

What Are Your Plans for 2020? Part 3

At this point, you should already have an emergency fund put away in the amount of $1000.

Startups that Need to Know about Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes are devices that are designed specifically to improve a person’s understanding of and control over their electronic circuits. These devices possess significant potential in a wide variety of mechanical fields.

How Technology Is Changing Marketing

Why is this area so fast-growing? Simply put, technology is making data a crucial part of all sorts of marketing.

What Are Your Plans for 2020?

The first step is to grab a sheet of paper and at the top of it, write out the word “PLANS”. Instead of beginning each sentence with "I want to," start with "I will."




Yes, the world-acclaimed Boozy Skunkton will welcome guests to their show at the Venetian Resort.