Leave a Positive Legacy

As time has gone on, I have realized that life is fragile, and life is short. It goes by in an instant.

6 Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness, now that’s not a good word. Nobody ever wants to hear that they are lazy.

Steps to Improving Sales

Another year is upon us and my prayer is that you have made the commitment to make 2018 your best year ever.

Creating and Maintaining a Winning Mindset

I get asked over and over again, “When are you going to retire?” Chuckles often immediately follow.

4 Areas of IP Law That Can Save You From Disaster

Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or part of a new startup, it is absolutely vital to have a basic grasp of intellectual property (IP) law so that you can avoid having your ideas stolen or flushed out of the market by competitors.

What Are Your Plans for 2020? Part 6

My goal overall is to get you committed to your plans, but most importantly, to get you to take action; so you can make your dreams come true.

4 Tips for Direct Sales Success

When I tell people that I sold encyclopedias door-to-door successfully for 20 years, most people are shocked.

4 Tips to Become a Better Listener

I am going to dispel a myth about sales.

Bump It Off: A household product earning a household name

By William Wright NSAEN Contributing Writer She has been called an Innovator of Efficiency and the Princess of Products, but most people know Lisa Ximenez as...

Don’t Let the Naysayers Win

As you are on your Journey to success, there is no doubt you will find naysayers along the way.



Love Came Knocking at the Door

Rajeania’s mother Donna hadn’t seen or thought about this neighbor in years, then one day he comes knocking on her door.