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Spotlight on Magician/Comedian Kerry Pollock

I want to welcome Magician/Comedian and owner of the Hilton Head Magic Comedy Cabaret to the BTS Entertainment Corner.

Spotlight on Screenwriter/Director Adrian Roman

I would like to welcome Adrian Roman to the BTS Entertainment Corner this time.

Jessica Bell: Actress, Stuntwoman

I would like to welcome Jessica Bell to the BTS Entertainment Corner. I've had the pleasure of meeting her in person on the set of The Blood Thins and seeing her in action.

Getting to Know American Artist and Author Kris Courtney

Drawn to benevolence and disability awareness by his personal experience, an artist in spirit and gift, Courtney is dedicated to service and participation beyond disabilities.

Who Is Drew Howard?

I want to welcome a friend and fellow Comedian/Actor Drew Howard to the BTS Entertainment Corner.

Warren Durso Interview

I want to welcome my good buddy Warren Durso to BTS Entertainment Corner. It's great to have someone I've known and worked with for many years in the segment!

Getting to Know Christopher Shawn Shaw

I would like to welcome Director/Producer Christopher Shawn Shaw to BTS Entertainment Corner—Here’s a little about him:

Confessions of a Movie Addict

Keep Betty Jo's book close, folks. This time on BTS Entertainment Corner, we're talking books...I mean movies...I mean both!

Who Is Behind “The Dinner Detective”?

I want to welcome Whitney Axley-Andrews to the BTS Entertainment Corner. She and her husband are behind six dinner theater productions from Birmingham, AL, to Charleston, SC, under the "Dinner Detective" banner.

“LASSO” Director, Evan Matthew Cecil

Evan Matthew Cecil began his journey in the film and television business with a hunt for a college internship...



Pursuit: A New Flying Theater Concept

Pursuit, a business unit of Viad Corp, announced that it will expand its flying theater concept to Las Vegas, Nevada.