Hollywood Actors and Actresses Present for Cannes Film Festival

Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec took to the Red Carpet in Cannes, France, on May 20, 2019.

The Mustang — Movie Review

In six U.S. states, there’s a federal program in place to capture wild mustangs in the wild and tame them in a battle to fight overpopulation.

Avengers “End Game” Work Premiere Red Carpet Experience

I found myself standing on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Convention Center. No, it actually wasn’t red, it was a purple carpet representing the ‘mad Titan’ evil villain, Thanos played by Josh Brolin.

The Top Six Actors Who Defined the ’80s Jerk

The ‘80s were the birthplace of great jerks in the movies. There have been bad guys in movies for decades, but the ‘80s was heyday for the “jerk”.

“My Dead Selfie” Award-Winning, Supernatural Thriller

When writer/director Joy Shannon decided to venture into the macabre with her first horror/thriller, titled My Dead Selfie, she knew, as an African American woman, there would be challenges.

Captain Marvel — Movie Review

It’s time for Kevin Feige to receive a special Oscar from The Academy for creating and sustaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Alita: Battle Angel — Movie Review

It’s been three weeks since I saw Alita: Battle Angel and I hate to say I haven’t thought about it much.

The Last Laugh–Movie Review

Yikes. Where to begin on the awfulness of the new Netflix film The Last Laugh?

Vice: Movie Review

In an era of studios either running scared from risk and/or acting like franchise whores, what a thrill to see a real director-driven movie in Adam McKay’s Vice.


So, you’ve been hearing about the American Film Market (AFM) for years and all of the great possibilities that it offers.



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