The Top Six Actors Who Defined the ’80s Jerk

The ‘80s were the birthplace of great jerks in the movies. There have been bad guys in movies for decades, but the ‘80s was heyday for the “jerk”.

The Dead Don’t Die — Movie Review

The tag line for Jim Jarmusch’s latest film, The Dead Don’t Die, is “The greatest zombie cast ever disassembled”.


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“Walking Dead” star Melissa McBride

Long before she became a zombie slayer on AMC’s highest rated TV series “The Walking Dead,”...


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Getting to Know Christopher Shawn Shaw

I would like to welcome Director/Producer Christopher Shawn Shaw to BTS Entertainment Corner—Here’s a little about him:

Creed II — Movie Review

Creed II is Hollywood entertainment of the highest order. A tense and exciting sports picture with equal focus on character.

MJ Live Is Coming to Savannah

The Alee Shriners is proud to announce that MJ Live, the Nation’s number one Michael Jackson tribute, is coming to the Savannah Civic Center...

Getting to Know American Artist and Author Kris Courtney

Drawn to benevolence and disability awareness by his personal experience, an artist in spirit and gift, Courtney is dedicated to service and participation beyond disabilities.

Spotlight on Magician/Comedian Kerry Pollock

I want to welcome Magician/Comedian and owner of the Hilton Head Magic Comedy Cabaret to the BTS Entertainment Corner.



How You Can Recognize Your Dream Home

Want to ensure you settle on the right place before you invest your hard-earned money? Take these five simple tips into account so you can recognize your dream home.