The Caterpillar: A Parable

Living his days ahead flying into the unknown without fear, but surrendering to the guiding faith inside his little heart.

Infinite Depths of Love

As we bear witness to the darkness of fear slowly covering our world, we prepare to awaken to the infinite depths of love felt inside the inner core of our souls.

Moby-Dick by Herman Melville

In a sense, then, Melville’s most famous work (published in 1851) is made up of two different books: the one is the novel proper, which is a great and unique work of American literature; the other is a long-winded and pedantic study of whaling and whales generally.

Sister Survivors

We shared a tiny piece of our stories decades apart, and yet the tricks have not changed their fetishes or desires—same filthy beings. Snippets of our trauma we shared--days upon weeks, months upon years... The realization of identical impurity and fears. These foul, Immoral, corrupt souls.

The Human Touch

A compassionate embrace caresses the soul as the affection of our hearts can feel the thoughts of those we are connected to by love.  

“Wise Blood” by Flannery O’Connor

The sheer originality of “Wise Blood” is, for me, one of its strongest attractions. It is an amazing grace tale that is simply inimitable—and amazing.

The Depth of Heartfelt Moments

A spiritual thread of fabric that is woven into the tapestry of our life is created during each second we have existed.

Love Came Knocking at the Door

Rajeania’s mother Donna hadn’t seen or thought about this neighbor in years, then one day he comes knocking on her door.

The Spirit of Hope and Prayer

United by the spirit of hope and prayer is a gift we have received and as each day passes, a true bond of love and compassion grows as we both walk the turtle.

Seeking Harmonic Balance

Signs will emerge and angels will appear from heavenly realms; harmonic balance will begin to be felt as a compassionate voice is heard while a soft warmth caresses our ear.



BTS on the Road 59 Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

A comedy and Improv show I did for my Church, Holy Spirit Lutheran