Small Miracles

Hi everybody…my name is Clarence. Back there is Clyde. Did you ever wonder why we have long necks?

Reaching Our Final Destination

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth's energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice.

Deliverance by James Dickey

Anyone who has spent a night or two in the wilderness knows that there is always a potential for danger.

Magic in the Messy Middle

There's magic in the messy middle---

Aristotle for Everybody by Mortimer J. Adler

I have a certain rule of thumb with respect to the great philosophers of the past...

Vancouver and Bellingham Washington Wineries

Traveling to Canada, and most specifically the Vancouver area, you can visit a host of vineyards.

Memorial Day: Always Remember

This is truly a special time of the year. When you think of Memorial Day weekend, it pretty much kicks off the start of a warmer weather season.

Into the Unknowns of Tomorrow

Listening to the symphony of singing birds during the break of dawn...

The Energy of Love

To observe the simplicity of a calm silence surrounding our moments within the present...

The Remembering

What I decided to do was do nothing. I felt that the answer to the why of my new vision was inside me.



BTS On The Road 49 Greenville, SC – The NAIFA Convention A trip to Greenville, SC to entertain for a convention. The NAIFA organization represents Insurance and Financial advisors. NAIFA also does a lot for...