Life by Love

Listening to the wind and feeling the breeze on our skin gives a sense of comfort to the struggles of a troubled soul

Fly as a Free Bird

Clear whispers heard inside the soul, reminding us of generations of love that have long passed...

A Kaleidoscope of Colors

An intimacy with silence inside the mind and soul absorbs the language of wisdom heard by the voice within our heart.

Overcome Submission of the Human Spirit

Learn to see and read the signs and overcome the submission of the human spirit as we break free from yesterday.

Sacred Love

Ashes of withered remains inside the memories held by the isolation

The Flame That Grows Inside

Inside each of us lives a flame that grows for a love of life. It illuminates the darkness that surrounds our emotions and thoughts and keeps the flow of dreams and desires.

A Thirst for Higher Purpose

Awakening to the surrealism of our destinies opens the veils of shrouded truths as the transparencies emerge upon the eyes of the soul.

His Hand Holds Our Hearts

Signatures of our spiritual energies felt during the embracing of memories and sorrows are spun inside the mind...

Your Journey of Truth

remove the thoughts of deceptions as you take those leaps and risks during your journey of truth.

Reaching Our Final Destination

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth's energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice.



Dogs Are a Funny Lot!

A couple of fun doggie cartoons to make your day.