I Love You My Angel

The surrealism of our worst fears actually happening to us and the ones we love is a complete devastation to our heart;

As the Soul Heals

Aspects of life hidden inside the whispers of a morning breeze are felt as we cry out to our creator asking for the reasons why.

Validations of Love and Commitment

We pursue validations of love and commitment for the wellbeing of our emptiness; we breathe life into the realms of possibilities felt by a soft kiss.

Reach Out to the Drowning

We reach out to the ones drowning among the crashing waves and pull them into the light of warmth by giving our whole heart.

Blood of Jesus

A fascinating presence is felt burning inside our souls as a spirit of Holiness enters into our hearts and minds filling our veins with love.

Layers of Life

An infinite abyss of levels and depths of love entangled within sorrows, beyond the comprehension of our fragile minds...

Our Connection

Inside the thick fog of confusion, a blurry vision of haunting images...

The Fragrance of Beauty

Walk the turtle with the fragrance of beauty with each kiss and allow yourself to feel the affectionate touch of peace as you listen to the whispers of guidance during your journey. 

Arms of Our Savior +

Doors we go through inside our chapters of this thing we call life...

Reaching Our Final Destination

Feeling the morning dew beneath my feet as the warmth of Earth's energy connects with my spirit during a stroll into our summer solstice.



House Addicted Love

Although my love for the house was unrequited (I know, I know… so sad), I kept at it, assured that the house would love me back some day—that it would thank me for saving it from rot and ruin.