AHR Is Back at Chisel Multimedia Studio

AHR is back at Chisel Multimedia Studio..We go Live from GA June 30, 2020

Epic Pictures Presents “Director’s Cut”

The ultimate meta movie, Director’s Cut will be available on demand on May 29th and Home Video on June 5th.

Are You Ready to Make a Healthy, Fresh Start?

No matter what age we reach, it’s important to keep growing. In life, either we are growing or we are shrinking. Make a decision to keep learning.

The Best Is Yet to Come

If we believe that the best is yet to come, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and it will ensure us to have a great day.

Women of Southie

"The trials and tribulations of women in the brutal world of South Boston mobsters is the focus of author Phyllis Karas’ book, Women of Southie. While researching the Mob in South Boston, Karas came to realize that the women in these men’s lives were more interesting than the men themselves."

Life Hacks–Success Story

Success is defined by each individual. This Life Hack is a reminder that: *Strength comes from within *Failure is not an option *Can do attitude breeds success

What Is Ethical Investing and How Can You Get Started?

While ESG investments focus on sustainability and are increasing in popularity, it’s important to remember that markets can shift at any time. 

7 Reasons Why a Mailbox Service Will Revolutionize Your Startup

With a private mailbox service, you never have to worry about being robbed, as these mailboxes are constantly monitored and afforded high levels of security.

Morning Musings – 90 Days of Inspiration: Day 2

A seed… Is nothing more and nothing less, It just is.

The 3 Qualities of Top Salespeople

Being a top performer in direct selling as well as a successful leader, I have found that the top sales performers possess these three qualities.



November 25th, the Day of Homage to “Las Mariposas”

"Being recognized by our nation on such a momentous day for women worldwide fuels a determination to redouble efforts in achieving aspirations and demonstrating to the younger generation our unwavering strength to conquer any endeavor."