Cebu in the Philippines – a Few Beautiful Gems


Cebu in the Philippines – a Few Beautiful Gems


Cebu Island has an immediate charm drawing you in from the very first. Its white sands and coconut trees, waterfalls and babbling streams, not to mention its energetic nightlife, retail shopping, and dining all mix together perfectly to create a truly tropical holiday experience.

Tourism in Cebu is booming and draws nearly two-million foreign travelers each year. Among the favored areas is Cebu City on the eastern side, and from the northern tip of Cebu Island from Malapascua down the coast to Moalboal on the western side. cebu

Visit Moalboal, known for recreational diving and lovely beaches

Popular with divers and surface swimmers alike, this charming and organic resort situated on the island’s south-west offers the perfect place to relax for a week or two.

Snorkelers will love the swirling sardine tornadoes just beneath the sea’s surface and a host of other marine life which form part of this exotic coral reef of endless wonders.

Opportunities exist for experienced divers and beginners alike, and there are a host of diving schools to choose from if you’re looking for training. It truly is a diver’s paradise!

Sitting in one of these idyllically placed taverns is a great way to end the day with a cold San Miguel or a cocktail overlooking the shimmering Tañon Strait and across to the sweeping mountains of Negros. The picture is one of perfection itself.

sanOn the matter of the Filipino San Miguel, it was originally brewed in the Philippines and only much later introduced to Spain. There aren’t many places where you can enjoy a quality beer at the price you can here, and with an unbelievable view to boot.

Getting Around Cebu Island getting-around

Probably the best way to get about around Moalboal and to nearby districts is by hiring a scooter, which you can usually do between 300 and 500 pesos. Some of the back roads can be a little bumpy but nothing unmanageable when you take it steady, while the main roads themselves present no problems.

Hiring a scooter opens up endless opportunities to explore hidden coves and alluring village tracks and any other delightful sight you may encounter, which are true without number along with the pleasant coastal roads. Of course, if scooters aren’t your thing, then you can pay someone else to ferry you around by tricycle (similar to the tuk-tuks in Thailand) which are a cheap alternative and always readily on hand. Prices are very reasonable. As always, agree on the price first.

This is just a small itinerary when compared to all the gems Cebu has to offer. But even if you only get to see these few sights in Moalboal and Oslob, and some stunning places of natural beauty in between, you can be sure that you will sincerely promise yourself, you’ll be back for more.