Cindy Cullom To Direct Sci-Fi Film ‘The Newcomers’

January 3, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Acclaimed producer and special effects artist, Cindy Cullom will direct the sci-fi film The Newcomers.


The multi-hyphenate recently worked on the Sci-fi film, Crossbreed with Vivica A. Fox and Daniel Baldwin. The Newcomers is also produced by Cullom, together with Nvisionate Studios. The film will be scored by Jason Ebs and Janea Chadwick Ebsworth. The Newcomers started out as a short film script which picked up several awards and later got developed into a feature by its award winning writer, Joe Wakefield.  

The Newcomers is set in the near future when the world is co-run by aliens, ‘The Newcomers’, and they have arrived to help save the planet. Together with the government, The Newcomers have put some new regulations in place for dealing with the overpopulation of earth. At the center of the story we find Amy (Jannica Olin) and her husband David, who are faced with the decision to sacrifice their desire to start a family in return for a secure future by taking Step 2; a process of becoming sterile. Their other option is to purchase a breeding license but since Amy and David have had trouble conceiving, this might be a big gamble as they would then also risk falling below the poverty line and thus get deported to a waystation. Amy, against David’s wishes decide that Step 2 is their best option. That way their future is secured and they can afford a breeding license for Amy’s younger sister, Carrie (Lauren Taylor). But everyone has their own idea of what’s best. And it has dire consequences.

Filming is set to begin by end of January at top independent studio, Nvisionate in Burbank, California.