Come With Me


Close your eyes you said
And I did

You led me from the old porch onto the grass,
I could feel the soft wet blades beneath my feet
The cold dew seeping between my toes
Your warm hands at my waist

Keep them closed you said
And I did

You stood behind me,
The universe your breath on my neck
Your hands in my hair,
And turned my face to the sky

Open your eyes you said
And I did

They awoke to the heavens
To the glittering shrapnel of stars
Breaking the blackness like mica studded in ebony stone
Amid swirls of starlit sky so blue the ocean would protest

All around us the deep pines whispered in conspiracy
As the wind carried an owl’s constant quizzing
Your laughter so warm and free
Your heart so open and assured

Come with me you said
And I did



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