Comedian Basile

Comedian Basile

We all know when daylight savings comes around, it messes with your inner clock. When you’re a comedian, playing the Silver Legacy Laugh Factory and you agree to an interview at 7 a.m. but forget it’s daylight saving time, you end up waking up to a view of the moon.


Laugh Factory at the Silver Legacy, Reno, Nevada

Comedian Basile (yes, just Basile) played the Laugh Factory in Reno March 7-12, 2017 during his “Dysfunctionally Yours, WORLD TOUR”. He was gracious to agree to an interview despite the early hour.

“If Ben Franklin were here right now, I’d kick his ass. What the hell were you thinking? I saw the moon out the window!”

Steve Harvey

Basile, known by his Greek friends as Vasili, says he should be cooking.

“With a father named Herb a mother named Rosemary and being named Basile, what else would I do,” he asks?

Well, Basile cooks, even has his own line of seasonings, but he is well-known for his comedy act that he performs in both English and Greek. He shared a picture of himself with Steve Harvey from early in his career.

“Steve and I started together, we became good friends. He had great talent, I had great whatever I had. I don’t know what I had. I had a car. That’s what I had. A car to get to the gigs. Steve and I hit it off. In fact, we did our first Showtime special…the Comedy Club Network with Showtime. We filmed it and that’s where our career(s) started.

Basile paused a moment to gulp some coffee. “Steve went his way, I went mine. You can see now Steve’s a megastar and I’m in the lobby of Reno, Nevada having coffee at 7 a.m. So, you can see where my career has gone! But I love what I do. Two nights ago, I had a woman come up to me and say, ‘I saw you 22 years ago in Pittsburgh. You made me laugh and you still do!’ She’ll be at the show again tonight. These people are coming from all over and I’m so flattered.”


Coffee Shop at Silver Legacy, Reno, Nevada

On Success

When I asked at what point he knew he “made it”, Basile got a little serious.

“One of my things for me is, sometimes I never realize my successes I’ve had because I’m always pushing… when I’m sitting on my yacht somewhere in Greece off an island smoking a cigar with my favorite Grand Marnier and having my meal prepared by a chef that I hired then I’ll probably I’ll say I made it. But I guess one of my biggest downfalls is I never get the opportunity to be able to sit down and smell the roses and the accomplishments that I’ve made.

I’ve been blessed with great success, personal, professional, I wish I could say everything I touched has turned to gold, but that would be bullshit. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re full of crap. For every accomplishment that I’ve had, there’s probably five or six failures that I keep in the bottom file drawer in my office that you never see.

People that I work for, maybe comedy clubs, agents, managers, they only see the successes. They don’t see the endless nights of putting together an act…. You have to tweak it here, tweak it there…I’m never satisfied… I love writing movie scripts, I love writing things that are for the Greek community around the world and touring. I love writing a joke that makes me laugh and my character on stage is a lot different than a lot of other people and you’re hoping, hey, one day, Hollywood, take notice, this is what I do. If it makes all these people in all these different cities laugh uncontrollably, and say ‘Oh my God, that was so different’…maybe they’ll take heed, and I can say, I left no door unopened, no page unturned.”

To Comedians on the Rise

“It’s discouraging to see young comedians that do open mic night and don’t stay to see the other comedians. You may not care for the SOB, but you may learn something. I don’t want his material, I want to know how he delivered it. Take advantage of everyone! Watch everyone.”

There are many sides to Basile. The comedian, the writer, the entrepreneur, the father, the husband, the man. Clearly never a dull moment in his life, he shared some wisdom as we closed the interview.


Athena McIntyre, Basile and Kelly Rush on the set at America Matters Media Studio, Reno, Nevada.

“Great moments are born from great opportunities. Take advantage of those moments. They may not always come when you want them to.”


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