Compassionate to Freedom


“Walk the Turtle” 2/20/2017


To sit and be still, to observe the life around you, to understand the moments that pass are points in time that cannot be replaced, to open your mind to the wonder of what will be.

Those that are part of your life become part of your mind, heart and memories, a song that sings inside your soul plays the harmonies and melodies to the rhythms of constant change.

Experiences we share, dreams we strive toward and goals we achieve are turning points and milestones to the relationship within ourselves, to become aware of a significance.

Fears of provision or stability fade away knowing faith is the guiding force that transitions us as we are prepared to face new levels of position and responsibilities, rejoice in the strength.

Walk the turtle with insight and visions given to us as individuals of purpose, close your eyes and listen to the wisdom of your soul, allow your spirit to become compassionate to freedom.


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