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gm2I want to welcome Germaine Moody to the BTS Entertainment Corner. Let’s get to know him a little.

Germaine Moody is one of the most connected professionals in the world, with colleagues and business allies in all 195 countries and territories. He is a global networking event pioneer and a 3x BizBash Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards “Event Producer Of The Year” nominee, seated among the top event producers worldwide. He is also a voting member for the GRAMMYS/The Recording Academy and on the Advisory Panel for Bloomberg Insight Exchange (BUSINESSWEEK Magazine). His book “50 Seeds of Greatness” is the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history, boasting 357 entrepreneurs, multimillionaires, serial networkers, government leaders and business professionals in 106 countries as contributors. His upcoming books include “The Laws of Networking”, “The Power of A Black Man” and “The Millionaire DNA”.


1) First off Germaine, I would like to know what started you off on this amazing journey you’ve been on. How did you become the networking machine you are today? What tips can you give folks about networking?

Thanks Brian. For me it all started on LinkedIn when I received an invitation to my first networking event. It was being held in Los Angeles but I was in Atlanta at the time filming a music video, and wasn’t going to be able to make the trip. I was disturbed that I couldn’t go while fascinated at the fact that hundreds of people were coming together to connect. So fascinated, in fact, that I contacted the organizer to tell me his secrets and how to produce similar events.

He agreed to a phone call with me and the rest was history. I created an event company website that night after the call and started producing networking events across America and then abroad. Realizing the necessity of people, the power of inclusion, and the gift of opportunity allowed me to connect with the entire world, and then create partnerships and projects with people all over.

I give several networking tips, laws to be exact, in my upcoming 2019 book “The Laws of Networking”, but one of the greatest tips I can give now would be to make yourself visible by learning how to market yourself. Networking is serious business and the least expensive and fastest way to advance your life. Movers and shakers are attracted to leaders and people who are doing great and big things. Put yourself out there for people to see you, and the world will contact you.

2) I am honored to have a quotes in your groundbreaking book “50 Seeds of Greatness” and you were also kind enough to ask me to do a foreword for your book “Single, Successful and Sleepy“. Tell us about these and all your books, what inspires you to write?

I write business, inspirational, and motivational books. I often say that I’m in the business of making people greater. My book “50 Seeds of Greatness” was a worldwide effort that included 357 business professionals in 106 countries, the largest global collaboration on any book in publishing history. We all came together to inspire the world. “Single, Successful and Sleepy” is all about encouragement for the single business professional. “Discover Wisdom” is a 100-day devotional that motivates people to live a wisdom-filled unlimited life. I also have a book entitled “The Quotes” that includes over 600 of my personal life quotes covering a variety of topics. 

3) You have also been producing a lot of events, I mean BIG events. Was this a natural extension of your networking and writing? How do you put together these massive projects?

Yes, in-person networking will never go away, even with all the new technologies, social networks, apps and so on. Events are a must for humans. And, because of the fact that I’ve been a musician all my life and in the music industry for years, producing entertainment industry networking events and networking parties made a lot of sense as well.

 4) You inspire a lot of people, I’m one of them. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people helping people. I’m also inspired by the fact that God lives and communicates through us and connects us to others Himself. Once in flow, everything lines up where it’s supposed to, even the things we consider bad are a part of the equations and destinations.

 5) Tell us about your upcoming projects and books. Where can people go to get information on all your endeavors?

Most are confidential, but I have three new books coming “The Laws of Networking”, “The Millionaire DNA”, “The Power of A Black Man”, a new international book club we’re developing, new ventures in real estate, a new film company, several new global business events, and some amazing philanthropic projects around the world.

 6) Are there any tips for Entertainers, Authors or Entrepreneurs out there? Warnings?

Discipline, focus, and creating from the voice within are the biggest tips I have for success. The greatest warning is to not waste time. gm1

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