Considering Life and Love…


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by Michael D. Aloia 03-14-2021

As I sit on the porch listening to the sounds in the air, I hear the propellers of an airplane pass and slowly fly away into the distance of silence. The singing of birds is held within the constant flow of these moments in time; I close my eyes and smile as I hear voices in the wind and the whispers of spirits.

A feeling of grace lays heavy upon my soul thinking about how beautiful life can be when you share simple moments with someone you love; an everlasting bond of happiness between hearts is an eternal force that lives on even after we are long gone from our bodies.

We each have our own beliefs and understandings about truth and desires; yet we also possess dreams and wonders concerning our romance with time, as we consider all this life has to offer.

Walk the turtle and unload the baggage of memories and thoughts inside our minds as we stop and breathe… absorb the peace given to us and the comforting process of loving.

I love you Justine SueHaley ✝

Photo by David Núñez on Unsplash