Crystal Has a Heart of Gold!

Another Shelter “Tail”

What a strange day it was at the beach. Our weather often amazes me, as it can change very quickly and that is exactly what I experienced today.

This morning was sunny and bright with every indication that we were in store for some real heat, but as I walked to the shelter, a thick ocean fog crept down Newland Avenue and enveloped me in a cool and pleasant blanket of comfort. “Perfect weather for dog walking” I thought, and I was truly looking forward to spending time with my favorite fuzzy-faced friends.


An interesting fact about my volunteer work is that I never quite know what the day will bring. Often it is rather routine with me walking many of the residents I have come to know and love. Most of them know me, too, if they have been around a while and unlike many people who often try to remain aloof, the dogs wag their tails and call out to me. I love their honesty!

I had already walked many of the residents and was preparing to leave the shelter when I looked down the row of pens and saw the sweetest little face looking up at me. She wasn’t barking or making a fuss. She just implored me to go over to her pen and say hello, so how could I refuse?!

As it turns out, Crystal is a new resident and I could not leave without introducing myself to her by taking her out for a walk.

Many of our dogs are so glad to leave their pens that they literally bounce off the walls with excitement. Not so with little Crystal. She allowed me to put the leash around her neck, all the while looking straight into my eyes with trust and acceptance.

Walking her was a joy, because this little girl doesn’t pull on the leash and seemed to know exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to go. She follows beautifully and walks with the quiet dignity of a true lady. When I sat down at the end of the Edison Access Road she put her sweet little face in my hand and looked up at me with deep brown expressive eyes. What a gift she will be for her lucky new owner!


Crystal is a very special little dog. What is she doing at the shelter? Why would someone not see the value in this precious little girl?

Sometimes I try to imagine the back stories.

Had her owner passed away? Is Crystal here because her family was forced to leave their residence and couldn’t take her?

This little girl has beautiful manners and is as sweet and charming as can be. She would be perfect for a senior owner or someone who wants a trusting and obedient new best friend.
Just as I wonder what a charming little dog like this is doing at the shelter, I also realize that there is someone out there who will absolutely love this precious little girl. She is a real lady and will charm you, I promise.

Please pass Crystal’s story on to anyone who might want to share their life with a new best friend.


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