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Located inside the Four Seasons Hotel

99 Church St, New York, NY 10007

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Check the website for hours

Reservations for dinner, strong recommended



How can an evening go wrong when the sommelier walks up to your table and asks, “Does anyone object to a glass of vintage champagne?” The evening went uphill from there with an incredible 3.5-hour culinary journey.wolfgang-puck-1

This was not just a group of friends out for dinner, it was a dining experience with 9 appetizers, a display of crackers and homemade bread, 5 entrees, 4 sides, 5 desserts, to include the old but once again famous Baked Alaska, made with ice cream, sponge cake and meringue flamed and presented tableside, and wine pairings with each course.

wolfgang-puck-2I figured with all this food we were bound to eat something that did not appeal to our taste buds but that never happened, everything, and I do mean that literally, was fresh and flavorful and delicious. wolfgang-puck-3

To add to the experience, our server described all the dishes in minute detail from the preparation to the ingredients, and the sommelier provided an explanation of the champagnes and wines from the grape to the region and why she chose what she chose for each course and where it would hit on our palate. wolfgang-puck-7

Besides the quality, taste, and presentation of the food, ambiance and customer service plays a huge part in the overall dining experience. Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Cut has it all.

wolfgang-puck-10Cut is the ultimate fine dining restaurant with it’s intimate, elegant and dimly-lit atmosphere, incomparable food and stellar customer service. It also features a beautiful relaxing bar area with an extensive wine list and a private dining room. wolfgang-puck-17


We spent a considerable amount of time inside this restaurant and the servers were attentive, not only to our group but to every table in the venue; we were not rushed, and it was extremely comfortable. I have heard several people describe Cut as a steakhouse, but it is so much more.

Cut is a very pricey restaurant, but my group thought it was worth every cent.