Dealing With Rejection



Let’s face it, “NO” can be a difficult word to hear as a salesperson. The one thing I have learned in my years of sales and after speaking to many salespeople, the fear of rejection is actually greater than rejection itself. It can immobilize salespeople and affect their drive and overall performance.

Many of you know that I have sold encyclopedias door-to-door successfully for many years. I can tell you all about rejection. In my years of doing that along with my success in this industry, these are some of the things I have learned that will help you overcome the fear of rejection.

1) Expect it and have fun with it.

Make the decision to not take rejection seriously. Rejection is part of sales. We are not going to write up everyone we meet. Expect to get rejected every once in a while but don’t take it seriously. Understand that every NO you receive is one step closer to the YES. The important thing is to not let the rejection bring you down. It’s important to be prepared for every opportunity you face.

Enjoy yourself while you are out working in the field. When you receive rejection, every once in a while, just smile and say, “Nicely done.” Keep it positive and move on to the next one.

2)  Always be prepared.

If you understand that rejection is part of the process, you will be prepared with good responses when you hear the word “no.” Top performers are always ready with good responses when they receive rejection. They have words, phrases, and statements which will redirect the conversation in a positive way.

The process for handling objections is to always have a positive response. For example, when you receive an objection, rather than getting defensive, you should have a response like this… “I’m so glad you brought that up.”

Once you have responded positively, give a testimony of a similar situation from other merchants you have helped. When you have done that, ask them a question in a positive way so that you maintain the control.

3) Understand the numbers game.

One thing I absolutely know is that our system works. Every day as I go out in the field, it’s important I remind myself of that. We do our best to help out as many merchants as we can but as I stated, we cannot help everyone. The key is not to waste time and energy on non-prospects. The time we waste with them stops us from being in front of the right merchants. If you keep plugging away and you don’t take the rejection seriously, you will have success.

4) Do not take rejection personally.

They are definitely circumstances when it’s not about you. You will find merchants that you just caught at a bad time. The circumstances may not be right at this point. It’s important you do not take this personally. Smile and move on to the next one.

5) Stay focused

Each day as you go out in the field, you want to be on a mission. Your mission is to help as many merchants as possible. Do not let any rejection derail you from your mission. Stay focused on your task at hand. Your task and mission is to be positive with each person you meet and be prepared for every opportunity.

6) Claim your success.

Remind yourself daily about what a great product and service you have. You work for an A+ rated company and you have the best program available for everyone.

Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are. The merchants whom you are meeting are very fortunate you are going to see them. If they do not respond to your enthusiasm and your product, it’s their loss.

Remember, you have the best program available and the best training. Believe in your company, your product and most importantly, believe in yourself. If you follow the system, you are going to have great success. Remind yourself of that each and every day.

Rejection is part of life. Embrace it. Do not fear it. So many people in this life don’t take advantage of incredible opportunities because of their fear of rejection. Have faith, believe in yourself, and enjoy this wonderful journey of success that we have.

Have an awesome week!



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