Destination to Inspire


“Walk the Turtle” 8/6/2017


Many commitments and deadlines to meet in this journey we call life, many obstacles we are faced with and personal obligations to fulfill.

We play the part and become a performer each day, many hours are spent preparing and practicing; we get our feet wet before diving into it.

As we position ourselves toward building a foundation, many important choices allow our creative purpose to slowly unveil as we see depth.

Beyond the realm of understanding a transformation begins, as dreams inside our hearts become visible, as time passes and seasons change.

To seek wisdom and knowledge during our progression of spiritual growth embodies many struggles held and defeated by a complete faith.

Certain aspects of those that impact our life are kept internal and carried eternally inside the soul to envision contentment as we feel peace.

Walk the turtle and close your eyes to the material world, let go of doubt or fear that may prevent the motion of your destination to inspire.



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