Dianna Agron on Sam Smith’s New Music Video


Freaking finally! Sam Smith’s new music video for his new single “I’m Not The Only One” was released! I have been waiting for this one for SO long!

The music video featured the ever beautiful and gorgeous Dianna Agron with Chris Messina as her husband. The video was heartbreaking-ly beautiful indeed. It was a story about a martyr wife – Dianna – and her cheating husband.  Clothes are burning, alcohol drinking and messed up mascara obviously showed how hurt the wife is. But still, she chose to stay with him even tho she clearly knows she’s not the only one. It’s a legit PAIN.

BUT, the real question tho, how could someone cheat on someone as beautiful asQuinn Fabray? – Sorry, seeing Dianna drive brings back something about Quinn Fabray – I mean Dianna Agron? That was just unacceptable.

“I’m Not The Only One” is part of Sam Smith’s first studio album, “In The Lonely Hour”,which he admittedly said, that the album was all about unrequited love.

So ladies and gents, you have to watch this. Because hey, it’s Dianna freaking Agron! And come on! It’s SAM SMITH! Go on, press that play button over there!