Does Desperation Lead to Change?


Perhaps there are several of you who have recognized the mistake in the poster….my editor did. NOW WHAT?

I have a brilliant mind and the heart of a poet. At least one person believes that. So do I share the fact that my spelling skills are lacking brilliance?


D E S P E R A T I O N…How’s that, better? The point being, mistakes no longer throw me into a tailspin. I have a deep sense of myself being a valuable person….it isn’t based on WHAT I do, nor the action I take. My value comes from the belief in a loving universe and My Creator.

It’s taken many moments of desperation to arrive at this point. Divorces, attempted suicide, jails and mental institutions, and many moments of lesser desperation.

For now let this be an introduction to continued sharing on change. I will be sharing on seemingly unrelated subjects. For now:

What changes have you made?

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