Dolce & Chianti — Marvelous Dining in Las Vegas

Hottest new spot in Las Vegas. Owner Inga Davidian along with her chef Risson Medina were there to welcome us all and tell us about their fantastic establishment. Inga currently owns two restaurants in the Kirkland area of Washington state.

Dolce & Chianti is the most beautifully decorated restaurant I have seen in a long time.  Fresh, bright, beautiful blue colors and a taste of “Lemon” throughout.  Yes, lemon is everywhere.  On the walls, in photos, in bowls, and it brings such a wonderful feel.  

The restaurant was open for only a few months before everyone shut down, but now it is back to life with new dishes.  I attended the party, where I got to sample some wonderful bites alongside a terrific band.  Regularly on the menu is Summer Tomato with angel hair, fresh summer tomatoes, basil, and herbs; Seafood with mussels, prawns, Calabrian chili butter, garlic, pasta, and light tomato; Gnocchi al Fungi; Eggplant Parmesan; Veal Milanese and Seared Salmon to name a few.  The lemon Ricotta cheesecake (pictured), Salted Caramel Budino, and Espresso Panna Cotta are delicious finishing touches.

They have plenty of shareables, including fresh mussels, Calamari Fritto, Marinated Olives & house pickles, or Jumbo Prawns.  With salads and pizza, there is no end to the menu.  A highly praised selection of liquors and wines are at the round bar.  Located on the west side at 4275 S. Durango, please try them out if you are in town.  702-749-6534. #Chianti