Don’t Be a Lone Ranger


In order to be successful in the world of sales, it is imperative that you surround yourself with successful people who are going to take you to levels beyond your imagination.

When I tell people to quit being a Lone Ranger, I am expressing to them the importance of getting plugged in with other successful people. Let’s face it, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

In order to have great success in our business, it’s very important that you know exactly what you would like to accomplish. If you do not have a specific plan, it’s hard to get excited about working. If you have not done this already, get yourself a journal and write out what you would like to accomplish today. After you have done that, write out the goals you have for the week. Long-term goals are very important as well. Where exactly would you like to be one year from today? How about five years? Write out all your goals, map out a plan and now you have something to be excited about. You know exactly what you would like to achieve.

Once you have your specific goals, now it is time to tap into all the resources that are available to help you succeed. Here with RMS, we set you up for great success. You actually have the opportunity to watch a professional working in the field. You get one on one training.

Our new website, is loaded with all of the RMS sales training and inspiration shows. There are almost 50 shows available now. In the shows, we teach you about cold calling, closing more effectively, having a simple presentation as well as understanding merchant statements. The shows are filled with testimonies, motivation and inspiration. For our newer representatives, we have our complete two-day orientation and training program on video. This is exclusively designed to help Retriever representatives get off to a good start. We will provide the password for our representatives to be able to view these videos. Within our organization, if you tap into all these resources and work consistently, you can have great success.

Through my experience in the field of selling and training, I have found that the representatives that reach out and ask questions are the ones who will have the most success. This is especially true for new representatives, because they obviously are going to have a lot of questions while they are out there working in the field. I’ve said this to all of our leaders and trainers a thousand times, “If a representative is not reaching out looking for assistance, they simply are not working.”

Let me encourage all of you to reach out to the top performers and find out what makes them tick. You will find certainly that they are talented but most of all, you will also find out that they have a burning desire to succeed and a strong work ethic. Surround yourself with these type of people and let their attitudes rub off on you. Winners hang around with winners and success breeds success.

Make a commitment today to start reaching out to some of the top performers. Choose to be around positive and successful people. The success journey is an amazing one. Jump on board the success train and hang out with the winners.

Have a super fantastic week!

Regional Sales Manager RMSNPC