Don’t Waste Your Pain


In this life, we are going to have difficulties. We will have challenges and many obstacles along the road of success, no one is immune from that. It doesn’t matter what our background is or how much money we have or don’t have, we will all experience pain. What matters most is how you deal with it.

Every Thursday morning, I have the blessing of being part of a men’s Bible study group with a group of wonderful men who have all become dear friends of mine. This past week, we had a lesson on dealing with disappointment; just like pain, we’re all going to experience it and we were discussing the proper way. 

Unfortunately, when most people experience pain in their life, the first question they normally ask is “Why me?” The problem with that is that it turns us into a victim. When we ask why, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling sorry for ourselves. This is also known as having a pity party. The best questions to ask are either “WHAT or HOW?” For example, you may say, “I am going through some very painful times right now, but WHAT can I learn from this or HOW can this make me a better person?” Instead of focusing on the problems, we are now focusing on solutions.

The secret of every successful person, whether it be in business, sports, love, finance, or relationships is resilience. We all encounter pain. The key is to bounce back from the setbacks. Winners have the same problems as losers but winners eventually get back up while unfortunately, losers stay down.

We can endure pain as long as we see a purpose in it. We’ve all heard the expression “no pain, no gain”; it’s important to learn from our losses as we advance from our adversity.

Don’t waste your pain, you will definitely get through it. How the pain changes you is entirely up to you. Don’t just go through it, make the decision to GROW through it. Choose to be a victor rather than a victim, and never allow the pain to make you become bitter. Choose to be better.

Most importantly, the pain that we go through can be used to help and bless other people. Allow God to heal the pain, recycle it, and utilize it to help others. No one truly knows what someone is going through unless they’ve experienced the same pain. Helping other people down the road is a great form of therapy.

Remember that the road to success is always under construction. There will be obstacles and detours along the way, but stay focused. Understand that you will experience pain but make the choice to not waste it. Grow through it and be a blessing wherever you go.

Have a super successful week!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Image by Kim Thomas from Pixabay