The Doors of Our Journey


“Walk the Turtle” 4/15/2019

doorsMany doors we walk through during our journey of everlasting life are opened to us by His grace and mercy. During times of our transformation and trials we are woven into the fabrics of time and illusions, thus we grasp onto a vast energy of constant changes of a mind-core process as we feel vibrations of love.

The whirlwinds of frantic chaos within the storms we flow into are carried by glimmers of hope and peace, held by the hands of fate and destiny, eternally bound by fragments of memories inside the heart of a kindred soul.

We gaze upon the stars and follow the guidance heard inside the spirit as our being moves toward the endings of life in one world and are met with our arrival into another. Glimpses of light are meshed within an infinite darkness hidden inside the moments of déjà vu, thus are the mysteries of depth and perception given to us as a gift in the present.

Fascinations of vision when we dream of our future destinations are detoured by His plans through sacrifices and compassion. We choose our course by risks and mistakes, thus allowing us to grow into branches of dignity and divine prosperity when we move into spiritual prayer.

Walk the turtle as you enter each realm of your next chapter knowing we are connected by His will and His prophecy to be fulfilled in His timing yet beyond our understandings, as we will eventually reunite with those old souls.

I will meet you at heaven’s gate, Brittany, my love.