Empowerment for the Soul


We often grow up not knowing who we are and spend our life living through someone else’s version of ourselves. This leads to many levels and layers of emotional conflict, mental confusion and physical symptoms of dis-ease.

The feeling of dis-empowerment can cause an endless cycle of disappointment, failures, resentments and uncertainty of our future.

The good news is, we can EMPOWER ourselves at any time.

3 Steps to Self-Empowerment:

Step 1: Know Thyself

You cannot get to where you want to be unless you know where you want to go and why. The only way this works is if you know who you are. From childhood on we are influenced by outside sources, unaware they are impacting our thinking, beliefs, perceptions, and actions.

Identify if your beliefs and desires are matching. You may find when you take a deep look into your beliefs, they are not YOURS. You will know they are someone else’s belief if:

  • You feel a knot in your stomach when this belief is in the forefront of your mind
  • This belief does not “feel” quite what you truly believe
  • You are trying to achieve something and keep hitting roadblocks or banging your head against the wall
  • It is not strong when you drop into your heart as you repeat this belief to yourself

Once you identify a “false belief,” you can work towards removing this belief and replacing it with your own truth and belief.

As this belief sets in, new thinking and actions will evolve creating new and better experiences.

Step 2: Teach Others How to Treat You (Gain Respect)

One of the biggest obstacles we have in lack of self-empowerment is feeling respected by others. The reason behind disrespect is having weakness in letting others know their behavior towards you is less than desirable.

Letting go of the fear of “what will they think, do, or say” if I challenge them on their behavior will build confidence within you and create an element of respect. Many times people have gotten away with negative behavior for so long it is what they know, not necessarily how they really would like to be deep down. They have their own inner demons/issues to resolve and reflect them outwardly, leaving you the target in their path.

Let others know what does work for you, specifically identifying how you wish for them to act, what you would prefer they say, and you will only engage with them when these are evident in their interactions with you.

With practice and over time, your experiences will dramatically change, and you will begin to feel empowered.

Step 3: Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

When we give because we want to, there is a freedom experienced unlike any other time.

Expectations lead to disappointment, which can turn into high drama experiences where all people involved are intertwined in a never-ending circle of chaos.

Giving allows for the energy of gratitude and appreciation, making way for an equal exchange of positive communication. Everyone feels good, emotions are in check and the levels of attitude are taken to new heights.

Try starting a weekly habit of giving and watch your world change for the better!

Feeling empowered allows us to strengthen our sense of being and perceptions of the world around us. Connecting with our natural instincts and nature gives us power beyond the mundane of everyday life. Follow the tugs and pulls towards becoming your authentic self, spreading your wings for a fullness of the breadth of what is possible.

As a power animal, the Eagle is most frequently associated with wisdom and freedom. Here are additional symbolic meanings for the Eagle totem:

  • Intuition – trust what your gut is telling you
  • Creativity – being creative you become curious, flexible, have a sense of play
  • Strength – inner strength is belief in yourself
  • Courage – become who you really are
  • Hope – learn from yesterday, live for today, envision a better tomorrow
  • Resilience – overcome the unexpected, and thrive
  • Healing – the Phoenix rising….into your highest self
  • Vision – seeing what is invisible and the possibilities of what is yet to come

Untitled 3

Spread your wings
Fly high
Above the hills into the sky
The world is yours
To fully embrace
Higher and higher with infinite grace, feel the lightness
In the air
Lifting your spirit
Beyond all cares
Be the light from within
That shines so bright
And let your life begin
On this earthly plane
Know your purpose and passion
Over the hills again and again
Be brave and strong
Like the winds of change
East, North, South, West
The rising tides
With the moon rise
The ebb and flow
As the sunset slows
Feel the spirit’s breath
Upon the heart’s song
Creating joy and love
Let your wings spread
Take flight
Into the day, through the night
Life is waiting
For your next move
Open the door

~Eileen Bild


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