The Enchanted World – How To Pray For What You Want

jane-6Jane Edna Stravens has once again inspired her readers with this wonderful children’s book, “The Enchanted World – How to Pray for what you Want”.

The story follows 8-year-old, Jessica Brown. A young girl who has been suffering from terrible grief and sadness over the death of her beloved grandmother two years before. Young Jessica was devastated as she and grandma were inseparable, enjoying life to its fullest every day.

After the sudden death of Grandma Elizabeth, Jessica felt loss. Her grief was almost too much to bear, until she remembered all that her loving grandmother taught her—“How to Pray for What You Want”. She started re-applying it, and slowly but surely regains herself and her health! Jessica manifested a wonderful trip to the enchanted Seychelles!

Jessica would like to share with you the secrets she learned while spending time with Grandma, so you may also pray for what you want.

Jane Stravens has plotted this exciting story in the Seychelles and is looking forward to weaving more fantastic tales in other parts of our “Enchanted World”.



Jane’s illustrations in this novel are lambent with vivid imaginations of the Seychelles, and of the story, as it develops into a beautiful, therapeutic wellness for Jessica. Her story wants to inspire readers to have “faith not fear” and to pray, feel good, and expect what you are praying for while giving thanks to our Higher Power.

Her books are on

About the Author

Jane Edna Stravens was born in the Seychelles. She devotes her time to volunteer work. She has a bachelor’s degree in theology and works with children—teaching catechism and the arts.

Her love for kids has pushed her to dedicate this novel to them, and Jane is also helping children in need.

Once upon a time, Jane was Miss Seychelles and Miss World Finalist at the Albert Hall of London.

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