Face All Fears


“Walk the Turtle” 11/14/2016


New beginnings we see during the desperations of our weaknesses can inspire wounds of others to heal, we overcome and grow spiritually by moments of sorrow.

Increase of consciousness and understanding will reveal the truth and purpose to us as a creation, masterpieces inside our mind are painted by the colors of pain.

To rise from the ashes of self destruction is met with the humbling of our hearts, burdens held inside by the past will begin to diminish as our soul lets go of mind.

To be loved and held in the arms of someone will give us contentment and encourage the mending process to illuminate the dimness of light inside our flesh.

Use each chapter in life as a testimony of wisdom and knowledge to enhance the healing sadness felt by those searching for hope and grace, give peace to torment.

Eternal is this life given, promises of desired vision will unfold as we get closer to our essence of strength, new perspective to the once blind will open doors in time.

As we walk the turtle through the battlefields of emotion, uplift another human being, restore belief  in themselves, ignite the power of sound mind to face all fears.


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