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Factors to consider when buying a home


Buying a home is a life-changing undertaking. Not only are you putting a serious amount of cash on the line, but you’re also staking your future on the purchase. You might be in that property for years. Will you have a family then? A different job?

Because it’s such a big decision, figuring out your needs, wants and even deal breakers is key before you start shopping for a home. This will make it easier to spot the right property when you see it.

Are you thinking of starting the home hunt? Before you dive in, consider these questions:

Walkability: Do you want easy access to restaurants, movie theaters, and other hot spots? What about grocery stores and other conveniences? Let’s work on finding a centralized location.

Amenities: Should your building have a fitness center, pool or doorman? Do you need on-site dry-cleaning facilities?

Transportation: Do you need a bus stop or train station nearby? Do you want a location that’s bike-friendly? A lot of properties are near public transportation or roads with bike lanes.

Commute: How long are you willing to commute for work? How long do you expect to be at your current job?

Schools: Are kids in your future? If so, let’s talk about schools and access to parks.

Outdoors: Do you want somewhere with rooftop access? A balcony or patio? Knowing how much you’d use an outdoor space is helpful when you’re looking for the perfect property.

There’s a lot more to consider than just square footage and price when choosing a home. Try to look ahead a few years: What will you need and want then? If you need help narrowing down your search, reach out today.

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