Feeling of Solitude


“Walk the Turtle” 12/18/2017


Synchronicity between souls is predestined by the orchestration of the divine, felt by the depths of many levels of love in touch with spiritual light.

Connections are severed by the hand of time as we draw closer toward our final moments of breath upon this world, wisdom of mind remains.

Lust for knowledge and perceptions of our realities is understood by the guidance of our moral compass with aspirations to become humble inside.

We enter into new chapters and beginnings of this thing we call life. We see the visions of our hearts and dreams become shattered by a selfish action.

We learn to accept and forgive, to walk away and release courage to change as we grow into our obligations of self-control to live a righteous life.

Walk the turtle with serenity inside your heart as we let go, shed our old skin and create Zen in our priorities as we embrace the feeling of solitude.


Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash


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