Feeling the Depths of Loss


“Walk the Turtle” 6/2/2020

Feeling a spirit of darkness within the global winds as an aggression fills the flesh of man.  

Times of those that gasp for air are crying out for those that grieve. Our eyes bear witness to the masks of fear as they walk along the streets of despair, filling their souls with devious minds to set ablaze in rage. We absorb an unseen terror as we listen to the voices in the air; a loud thunder has emerged in our land.

When the sun goes down we brace ourselves to dwell inside the worlds we have been forced to create behind the walls of troubled hearts. We cast our prayers to those lives that have perished. Below the clouds of uncertain lies, we notice the tears of hope flow from eyes.

Sprays of venom snake across our screens as we feel the depths of loss among the pain.

Gracefully we walk the turtle through the valley of death giving our love and doing our best. We hold onto empathy with peace and sorrow while coloring our skin; holding our faith, we grin.

We awaken to the dawn of a new time in life where our light becomes a beacon of change.

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash