Femme — Happy Mother’s Day!

A Biker’s Opinion on Women. Happy Mother’s Day!

Dedicated to Celine, RIP

By Florida Night Train

Majestic in all grace… to watch from afar what many never take the time to witness, pure with movement, depth with honesty, and engaging as simple as the breath we take when we dare to do so with such ease.  For every moment, it is said that one’s actions speak into the lives of those we touch.  It is with deliberate intent that she moves like the wind, she moves like the ripples in the ocean and she moves with the quiet confidence of the blowing mane of the lioness… SHE moves.

“Our generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do everything men can do, women are losing the unique qualities that set us apart. The God-given femininity & unique way our Creator designed us. Women were not created to do everything a man can do…. Women were created to do everything a man cannot do.  The lioness does not try to be the lion. She embraces her role as the lioness. She is powerful, strong, and nurturing. She does not mistake her meekness for weakness. The world needs more kind, compassionate, humble, faithful, persevering, confident, fierce, bold, pure, and tender-hearted women.” – Unknown

Danyelle Butler, Intuitive Alchemist and Masculine Mindset Coach fully agrees with the above statement from an unknown source.  Butler further affirms “[It offers a good picture of healthy balance between the feminine and the masculine]…The feminine energy can be a challenge to understand at times, it’s explosive in its roller coaster of up and down emotions. However seeing the beauty of the feminine in this way allows us to have total allowance for it in every moment, the flow of the energy in that moment, capturing the beauty and destruction for what it is without judgements because with the feminine energy it can shift and transform so quickly if we don’t appreciate it for what it is it can be gone. The feminine can teach us how to move through life in flow and let go of what no longer serves all while being in love. I truly believe the essence of feminine energy can create fullness of love in our lives and relationships if we allow it to be in all of its intensity.”

“In all of its intensity”, there is nothing I can write here that would be original or that has never been said or written about women.  May is the month that honors women, as mothers.  I have been tasked with writing about women to celebrate them and motherhood.  Task, I say, is nothing but the reality of a lifetime journey of reflection on women who I have read about, learned from, been close to, and dare to dream to walk alongside again one day, if she lets me (in).

Scriptures in the book of genesis speak of “sons of man” referred to here as actual angels by some of the most authoritative theologians.  They claim these “angels” found earthly women so beautiful they abandoned their celestial nature to be with them.  Countless stories in countless books tell accounts of strong men falling victim to women’s beauty.  The book of Ephesians speaks of wives needing to “submit” to their husband but we rarely hear about the part where it states that husbands too need to submit and honor their wives.  That if they don’t, even their prayers will not be heard.  They say it’s a man’s world.  I’m not so sure to be honest, if it ever was.

A friend recently asked me to describe women.  All I could come up with is that in my humble opinion, women remind me of the ocean.  Us men are like sailors, fascinated, called to pursue, and relentlessly navigate those waters sometimes at the risk of our own lives.  A rookie sailor who is unprepared, disrespectful, arrogant or too eager to sail will be shipwrecked.  The seasoned sailor who respects the ocean, knows its dangers, the beauty, and the peace it can provide, he will navigate in harmony with the ocean.  

For women, like the ocean, I feel are majestic, dangerously beautiful, captivating, deep, unpredictable, entertaining, vast, mesmerizing, frustrating, powerful, and gentle.  The ocean can be destructive yet nourishing.  The ocean gives and sustains life.  It can be deadly.  It inspires dreams within, it gives purpose, it is a well of absolutes.  It challenges.  It rewards.  It gives a reflection of oneself if we pay close attention and truly look with wide open eyes.  It can rock you to sleep and it can wake you quite brutally. It is filled with a myriad of mysteries to enjoy and be thankful for.  It has the capacity to feed the soul, the mind, and the body.  It cannot be controlled.  It can only be respectfully navigated.  The seasoned sailor will know when to refrain from taking the seas.  The seasoned sailor will know how to read the signs.  He will understand and respect the ocean.  The ocean cannot control the sailor either.  It can only carry him if he chooses so.  If the ocean becomes too dangerous, out of control, unapproachable, violent and stormy, the sailor will not sail it, the sailor will cease to marvel at the ocean.  The sailor will retreat and he will not open sails and be vulnerable.  The sailor cannot, however, be a sailor without the ocean.  The ocean can be the ocean without the sailor but without the sailor the ocean will be missing the pleasures of being navigated, learned, marveled at, nourishing, and carrying the sailor.

Dr. Deborah Singh states that “Woman was apparently made from the rib of man, and for that there is and will always be a connectedness between the two.  For the rib surrounds all that helps give life to breath and meaning to souls intertwined.  It creates the space for life to be born and that is the one thing, the most powerful, endearing and admired thing a woman can do… for life is a blessing isn’t it.”

Men, Mother’s Day is this month.  If you have the honor of being with your babies’ mother or, you are privileged to be with your soul mate, do yourselves a favor… take a step back in contemplation to silently and patiently take her in, observe her, hear her heart, marvel at the magnificence of her essence as a woman in her core and as co-giver of life.  She is the single most beautiful creation on this earth.  Do that all the while solidly anchored in your identity as a man… you know? The kind of man this society is so hellbent into vilifying, changing, and emasculating.  If she does not respect that, she may be a puddle trying to impersonate the ocean.  Yeah… don’t let it happen.  Be the sailor that respectfully navigates but be the one who is respectfully not controlled.  If you cannot navigate her respectfully, you may be a sad excuse for a sailor or simply still not ready to sail.  Know the difference.  Celebrate your co-givers of life.  Celebrate your mothers.  Celebrate all mothers in your life.

And, if there is one thing I can leave you with, is the influence of voice.  As you celebrate for whatever it means to you, I challenge you to do the simplest and sometimes hardest thing to do, utter words that build and lift her and her spirit up. For she who is loved deserves to hear it and feel it through the whisperings of kindness both in actions and in words.  That is well beyond the gift of flowers once a year.  


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Dr. Deborah Singh, B.A. Sociology, Masters & PHd in Counselling, General Practice Psychotherapist, Children & Women’s Rights Advocate

Danyelle Butler, Intuitive Alchemist and Masculine Mindset Coach