Fighting the Coronavirus by Improving Your Indoor Air Quality


The war against the coronavirus continues as governments and medical experts from every corner of the world work tirelessly to contain it. Now, the latest updates on the virus state that it can be transmitted via aerosol or by direct contact or transmission via respiratory droplets.

In China and other parts of Asia, a series of measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus including the cancellation of events and social activities. To stay safe and healthy, people are advised to minimize travel and to practice good hygiene. Moreover, homeowners, school officials, and business establishments have also been encouraged to maintain good indoor air quality to reduce the risks of infection.

Here’s how you can fight the coronavirus by improving your indoor air.

Proper Sanitation Is a Must

Maintaining good air quality can be a challenge as everyday pollutants can cause a host of allergies and health conditions, but it’s even more important when dealing with a highly contagious disease. To stop the spread of the coronavirus, mass quarantines have been enforced. One of the most recent and most significant ones to date happened on a cruise ship after dozens of people aboard tested positive for the virus. As the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to three days, proper sanitation should be a priority to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Schools, offices, and shops should consider hiring a professional cleaning service to disinfect their spaces, and cleaning should be done as often as possible to reduce the risks of infection. Offices should also provide employees with protective masks and 70 percent ethyl alcohol so they can disinfect their hands and work spaces as often as needed. Regular HVAC cleaning should also be done to keep clean and fresh air circulating within properties and establishments.

Open Your Windows

Those who may want to keep the virus out may be tempted to keep their windows tightly shut. However, doing this may cause your indoor air to get stale and unhealthy and it can do more harm than good. If the weather allows, open your windows to let the air circulate as the virus cannot survive in a well-ventilated space. You may also want to use an electric fan while your windows are open to improve ventilation.

Use an Air Purifier

In 2003, air purifiers became a necessity in hospitals all over the world as people dealt with the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) breakout. This time, air purifiers can also help to battle the new coronavirus, as it can clean the air without the help of harsh chemicals. Use an air purifier if it’s cold, or during inclement weather, so you can have clean air if opening your windows isn’t a possibility.

The fight against the coronavirus can be won through proper hygiene, maintaining good indoor air quality, and by being mindful and taking extreme care of your health when out in public. Be vigilant, keep your cool, stay safe and healthy, and don’t hesitate to seek medical care if you need it.

Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash