My First Political Trip to D.C.

My first political trip to D.C.


Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would get involved or interested in politics. But with the current administration, I truly felt I had to do something and be part of a new movement.  After spending the previous weekend in Washington D.C. supporting the People’s Action organization in conjunction with the ONE Northside organization, I found a new way to express my concerns and worries, like many of us have.

The People’s Action convention meant so much to me and it was more like an adventure, but by the same token, it was an eye opener in many different ways; learning how to organize a march/demonstration and how politicians, once elected, really only care about their own agenda. That goes for Republicans and Democrats alike!

Forget what the constituents want and need, in the end it is really about their own agenda. It was disturbing to learn that no senator had time to meet with us, not even for five minutes. Sure we got the chance to meet with the executive staff of Dick Durbin, but let’s be honest; we spoke to the second hand and not directly with the senator/congressperson elected into office.  We tried to arrange a meeting with House Speaker Ryan, he chickened out and not even a staff member was willing to meet with us.

But let me go back to the beginning of my journey and give you a bit of background—why I went to D.C. for the first time and got involved with an organization and a political goal.

Ever since Trump was elected, fear and worries have been spreading like a wild fire, which is understandable, considering we know what kind of agenda he presents and his support of the lovely blueprint from the Heritage Foundation.

It is disturbing to me that our current president is not capable of governing this country with the right mind and consideration of what the average person needs and wants. Not everyone is rich or makes enough money to not worry about our basic fundamental needs and rights.

Here are a couple of examples to illustrate my point: President Trump wants to dispose of Obamacare at a time of heightened popularity; more people have signed up in the last year than in previous years. He also aims to cut spending on federal programs that fund supportive and necessary organizations like Meals on Wheels (a program for people who are in desperate need of food and not capable of preparing food on their own, HIV programs, school lunches, and I could go on and on). And for what? He plans to use this “saved money” to build a stronger defense structure. Why? Is he considering entering a new war, and if so, with what country?

Ever since I moved to the States I’ve shown respect towards the president and its office. Republican or Democrat, I was always proud of my president, but this time…….I simply cannot!

This president has, without a doubt, put a drift between our nations. It touches on race, religion, political issues, and social status. It is disturbing to me to wake up every morning with the thought, “What has he tweeted and what insults is he spreading today?” Think about it, our president tweets his comments and statements, and it is his basic communication.

He acts like a little kid, if he does not get what he wants, he rebels and acts out. How did we allow him to present our nation in this particular way? We, the nation, let this happen and we accept it with the statement, “He is not your typical president and we need to give him a chance!” Really, how long do we have to give him probation and accept his senseless and stupid tweeting? Enough is enough and it is time to hold him responsible for his actions.

We, the People, are in charge and we are the employer of each senator, congressman, and president. Our goals and agenda need to be considered, not the politicians’; especially since we elected them to work on our behalf.

It is time for a new party, a new organization built by the people and for the people of the United States of America.





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