Five Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

There’s nothing more fun than getting together and celebrating. But if you’re playing host to one of those get-togethers? Well, it can also be stressful.

Fortunately, having a home full of friends doesn’t have to induce anxiety. With a little prep work and some helpful recommendations, hosting a fantastic dinner function can actually be pretty easy — and hopefully fun. Here are some tips for your next party:  nicole-party

  1. Create a seating arrangement. This is especially important if not everyone knows each other. Try to place people where they’ll be most comfortable, like in a spot near someone who has similar interests.
  2. Make food and drinks ahead of time. You’ll need to be on hand to guide conversations and keep the party rolling. Committing yourself to dozens of kitchen tasks makes that impossible.
  3. Have a goal for the party. Getting to know each other? Playing games? Establish a goal from the very beginning and let that guide your entire event. You can even write down fun conversation starters for any awkward pauses.
  4. Create an eclectic playlist. Music can bring people together, so try to create a soundtrack that offers a little something for everyone. Add artists from different genres and generations — it will give guests something to discuss and connect over.
  5. Focus the decor on the table. A beautiful tablescape can bring your guests together and make the meal the focal point of your event. Tablecloths and placemats can even make your post-party cleanup easier.

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