Fly as a Free Bird


“Walk the Turtle” 11/11/2018


Clear whispers heard inside the soul, reminding us of generations of love that have long passed, held together in memory and stories told.

The loss of those in present day are part of a perpetual motion of time which revolves around the lives who walked this Earth as sovereign spirits.

History has shown us that we as people can change our course and destiny as humans, as our Saviors sacrifice for us, others have sacrificed all.

We honor and remember their lives, along with those chosen few who have received the anointing to be etched into a memorial that won’t fade away.

Flowers are placed among the graves, monuments are created globally, walls are built to protect and also to pay respect to our fallen loved ones.

Tears are shed by hearts in sorrow, children are left behind as families are torn, among the pictures we have kept lies the images left inside our mind.

Walk the turtle with feelings of freedom, given to us by those who fought to protect them and to those who have been freed from flesh and fly as a free bird.

I love and miss you my darling free bird Brittany Danielle Withers. June 15th 1987 ~ Sept, 01 2018 held together in memory and stories told.

Photo by Sam Bark on Unsplash