Fred’s International Bakery

I have to rave again about the greatest new bakery in town; FRED’S INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE BAKERY.

Alina Kolman 34, moved here in 2018 from a small village of 300 people in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. After going to school in Bucharest, she wanted to pursue her love of baking. So after she met her husband, Fred Kolman, they decided to establish a high-end bakery in Las Vegas.

Fred’s is not open to the general public, but some of their exquisite loaves of bread and baguettes can be found at various coffee shops around town. Alina is happy to make custom orders, large or small; and all of her baking is done with the freshest of ingredients which come from old-world European recipes.

Alina’s puff pastry has 700 layers using only flour, butter, and water, and filled with any sweet delicacy that you desire. She never uses commercial yeast and has gluten-free desserts along with keto-friendly. They have leased part of a commercial kitchen and are on Facebook.

Quiches, cakes, strudels are all in her specialty range along with Spinach rolls, Romanian cheese pies, feta and onion strudels, turmeric baguettes, cheddar cheese sourdough loafs, and cheese/meat bureks. I can’t say enough about this place. The beautiful cream dessert below is an Elderflower Cream Roll. Call 702-521-3621.