Baking is somewhat of an art and science combined. If one is also lucky to be born in a rural and traditional lifestyle where baking is essential to everyday living, that person is even more qualified to be a successful baker as baking is their second nature growing up.

One such a person is native Transylvania, 34-year-old Alina Kolman. She and long-time resident Frederick Kolman have joined forces a year ago and bit the bullet of exploring a new venture. The duo has entered into the very challenging European array of baking products. Fred’s courage of venturing in this business was mainly inspired by his wife’s ability to meet the task at hand that is necessary on a daily basis. The two have built in a short period of time a vast menu of various types of bread (Sourdough, Ciabatta, French Baguettes) quiches, savory pies and over 20 specialty desserts based on old-world recipes. Everything is made with the freshest all-natural ingredients and with absolute care to the looks and taste. freds-bakery3

I tried their Cremeschnitte (which means Cream Slice in German). Magnificent! The puff pastry is hand made using only flour, butter, and water, none of the commercial canola oil or hydrogenated fats and you can tell the difference from the first bite. freds-bakery2

Alina is also a certified health coach and she is particularly interested in the nutritional value of her products. She cooks with walnuts, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, raisins or dates and she also makes gluten-free and low-carb bread and desserts for people on special diets. Their Chocolate Salami is the only one made in the state and it is delicious. freds-bakery6

They offer prompt service including delivery. As a wholesaler Fred’s Bakery is mostly looking for commercial accounts, however, their exquisite loaves of bread and baguettes, as well as other fabulous dessert items, can be found at local Farmers Markets.

I can’t say enough about this place. For more information on products, prices and farmers market itinerary please call Alina at this number: 702-292.4752 and check their Facebook page @FredsInternationalBakery. Fred’s Bakery motto is “Bake with passion or don’t bake at all”