Getting It Done in 2021–Part One


This past week, we had our annual summit with our company which was focused on sales training and inspiration. There were several testimonies along with inspirational speeches by very successful representatives in our industry.

I was blessed to be able to close the meeting with the theme of our summit—Getting it Done in 2021.

In my years in the business world, I have learned that successful people are not more gifted. They simply work hard and they succeed on purpose. Successful people accomplish more in a couple of hours then the rest of people get done all day. Great work habits and success go hand-in-hand.

It doesn’t matter what field you are in, the key is to make a commitment to have success in all phases of your life. So how do you “Get it Done in 2021?”

1) Schedule your success.

Start out by getting a daily planner to plan out your days. When people tell me they want to have success, one of the first questions I have for them is “What is your morning routine like?” Successful people wake up early and they have a positive morning routine. It’s important to be organized, plan out your day and make a commitment to not waste time. Time is your capital, it’s important that you invest it wisely. Every second counts.

2) Stay focused.

On your success journey, it’s paramount that you stay focused. There are so many distractions out there, and it’s time to eliminate all the things that are hindering your success. Focus on the task at hand.

With RMS, we have an amazing opportunity. Don’t get distracted by other offers that sound intriguing. I’ve seen way too many people talk about all the wonderful business opportunities they have but they never focus on any of them.

Success takes 100% commitment. Commit to your opportunity and don’t look back.

3) Be productive-not busy.

There is a huge difference between being productive and busy. So many people are too busy and getting nothing done. You will find these type of people are extremely stressed out and don’t have much of a plan.

Successful people not only get it done, they get the right things done. Write out all your priorities, make a plan and go for it. Productive people are rarely stressed out because they know what they need to do to accomplish their goals. They know what they want, have a clear plan, and they take action.

It’s a new year, a new beginning! This is a perfect time to work on yourself; self-improvement. Work on these three subjects this week. Next week, we will have the second part of “Getting it Done in 2021.”

Have a super productive week and let’s get it done!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by STIL on Unsplash