Getting Motivated When You Are in a Slump

Even the most positive and successful people sometimes can feel unmotivated, we’re all human. There are times when we might get into a funk that even thinking about making positive changes may seem difficult.

When it comes to success, I have found that building momentum is a very important part. When we have that “mojo” everything seems to just fall into place. This applies to every phase of our lives. For example, exercising is part of my daily routine. I may miss a day every once in a while but if I miss several days, I can easily fall into a trap of not exercising at all. When that happens, I have lost my momentum. When you lose your momentum, it’s quite hard to get started again.

I frequently see that in the business world. Even with RMS, a representative may have had great success and then decided to take some time off. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s one of the great blessings that we have in our industry. However, getting back into the daily discipline of working again is a little bit more difficult because of the momentum and the confidence that has been lost.

So how do we get it back? What are some ways that we can get out of a slump?  I have thought about this and it all comes down to getting back to the basics.

Step One

The first step is to remember why you are doing what you are doing. It all boils down to having a goal. Break out a sheet of paper and start writing out your goals and what you would like to accomplish in the immediate future and long-term. By doing this, you are remembering your purpose and your reason. You now have something to shoot for.

I also recommend telling some people about your goals, this is going to bring more accountability. You can enlist encouraging family members or friends and commit to giving progress updates to all of them each week.

Step Two

Step two is to get that inspiration back. What inspires you? I think it’s important to look for others who have achieved in life what you want to achieve. Find a mentor that’s going to motivate you and help you achieve your goals. It’s a lot more difficult to accomplish something alone. Get yourself a good support network that will encourage you to go to a higher level. Another thing I recommend is to start watching and listening to positive videos and read biographies about people with inspiring stories. Make a commitment to take the steps which are necessary for inspiration.

Step Three

The third step is to truly get excited about your goals and your future. It all starts with inspiration but you have to get that excitement and build on it. Start visualizing what it would be like to be successful and all the benefits that come along with it, get fired up about your goal. By doing this, you will find yourself having more energy and you will become much more focused.

Think about your goal every single day. If you do that, you are increasing your chances of it coming to fruition. If your goal is to have a new vehicle or a new home, take a picture of that and post it somewhere you can see daily. You will find that your excitement will build and you will make daily commitments to achieve that goal.

Step Four

Step four is to keep your focus positive, I believe it’s important to monitor your thoughts. Get rid of negative self-talk and start giving yourself uplifting pep talks. As soon as negative thoughts come in, zap them out and start replacing them with positive ones. Focus on the benefits and the blessings, not on the difficulties.

Step Five

The final step is to stick with it no matter what. You will have challenges along the way and the road to success is always under construction—the goal is to get that momentum back. When you’ve lost it it’s easy to give up, but you’re better than that. You can and you will improve each and every day but no matter what happens, DO NOT QUIT.

Slumps are just a little bump in the road—remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Going after your goals is part of your journey. Get back on track, get excited about life, and go for it. You can do this!

Have a super successful week.


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash