God, Handle It All


“Walk the Turtle” 7/30/2018


Pressures of life sometimes seem to make us feel like we are carrying the weight of the world upon our shoulders; our belief in faith we focus on.

Knowing deep inside our soul we shall prevail and become stronger, a wisdom of self-control is vital as we journey into the unknown of tomorrow.

Encounters with other people’s anger or stupidities can trigger the frustrations and aggravations inside ourselves; do not allow negativity inside us.

The boiling points of human emotion can overwhelm our senses as we feel the temptation to lash out beginning to bury itself under our human skin.

Confrontations that occur with our fellow human being can always become resolved by love, compassion, and understanding; learn to walk away.

We each have an angry mechanism that can be switched on by the slightest annoyance or traumatic experience; hold on to joy inside your spirit.

Walk the turtle with empathy and concern for the unloved; become that beacon of light for those lost and afraid to simply let God handle it all.