hakkasan-las-vegas_dining_wideHAKKASAN is one of the liveliest and most magnificent dining places in town at the MGM.  Its huge dining area, two stories high, and private dining rooms add to the best of experiences.  We started with Peking duck with crispy bean curd and mango as an appetizer with a Ping Jink cocktail of Haju vodka, Campari, Vanilla liquor, tea, blood orange, lemon, and yuzo soda.  Pretty exotic names in a drink.hakkasan-dish

A Dim Sum duo of chicken puff and seafood sesame rolls with a Chilean seabass and bamboo soup followed. hakkasan-lamb-dish

Wok-fry lobster with spinach and lily bulb was the main course with stir-fried vegetables including shitake mushrooms and deeply marinated lamb is another sure dish.  They have crispy suckling pig or roasted Jasmine chicken both with sticky rice. We topped out the night with dark chocolate and crispy hazelnut tart, along with a sweet citrus flavor of mandarin, which was the highlights of the evening.  Elegance, class, and sophistication about.  Great service every time I have gone.  This is the 2019 Chinese New Year menu, $128 per person.

Heads up!  Red Rock will be having The Epicurean Affair this year on May 16th.  Numerous restaurants all around their beautiful pool.

Bon Appetite will be the previous week, for four separate nights of feasting.