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Hand of Fate

Walk the Turtle 10/2/2018


An unfair veil of despair is cloaked around a grieving spirit during the storms of life’s challenges. Our companions we share moments with, the ones we fall in love with, siblings we care for, and those whom we share our journey with are part of our almighty God’s divine plan.

Tears of joy and cries of sorrow go hand in hand with every tomorrow. Yesterday’s smiles and times of laughter remain, as do memories of love with dreams of living happily ever after. When disbelief within the happening of a sudden tragic loss occurs, our spirit bleeds in mourning.

The heart can see what our soul must say, our voice will speak to those for whom we pray; emotions we share are cast upon time.

So frail are we inside the darkness of our minds, to be held in contentment by mountains we climb. Easy ways out are choices we bear when we shadow ourselves from spiritual warfare. A wealth of knowledge and strength sustained flow together in an abyss of torment and pain.

We awaken to the reality that they are gone—in the midst of the gift of breathing again, we are led into a new day and pursue grace in song.

Forever we travel among the sea of stars, eternal beings is what we are—to be held in the arms of Jesus with unconditional love. For who we are becomes part of many lives, to be there in comfort to a broken soul is to inspire their need grow; to have belief in faith that someday we shall know. Aspects of our reminiscent minds gain wisdom from the unkind—feeling their presence inside ourselves will always remain.

Walk the turtle understanding to cherish those seconds of simple times. Emerge forward in each brilliant day of sunlight, toward purpose and meaning to yourself and to those who changed you. Embrace the eyes of those you deeply love, and ask your angels for protection above.

Blessed are we who are born into this world of compassion and hate, to make a difference in someone’s life is guided by the hand of fate.

I love you Brittany Danielle Withers, RIP my darling soulmate…


Photo by J W on Unsplash