Happiness: A Highly Overrated Experience

An Introduction

Happiness is________.

There are many ways to fill in that blank, it depends on who’s reading it.

A homeless person might have a simplistic answer—a prolonged shower, sleeping in a bed…a roof.

And then there’s me. I took a 2500 mile trip that I had been wanting to do for 25 years. Happiness for me was living in my car in California out of the South Dakota winters. I ended up in Upland, California, and now I’m in Rancho Cucamonga…I smile every time I say that name.

I’m in a transitional program living with 10 other women. Now, all you rational thinking people might be happy for me. In fact, I posted this on my Facebook page: “How many people are glad I’m not living in my car?” Last count 42 responses were pleased and only one said, “Are you happy?”.

There’s a whole lot of back story to my  answer.




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