Have You Been Hacked?



With all the news about “the Russians” hacking accounts, it’s not really a new story…but if you are a computer technology company, you wouldn’t expect it to be blatant. Curtis Jones, at Technology Center in Sparks, Nevada, had an interesting story to share and joined Janice Hermsen and Dennis DuPerault on What’s the Story?™ Radio Show on Friday, October 14, 2016 that airs on KCKQ, 1180 AM Radio, a Lotus station. Curtis wasn’t hacked, since he knew the person that called him was a hacker, but he shared his story to emphasize the blatant disregard the hackers have for computer users. (To hear the show, just go to americamatters.us, podcasts, What’s the Story? and 10/14/2016).

StopTheHacker.com reminds us that in 2011, the Playstation Network had to shut down for days in an “intrusion” that “compromised an estimated 77 million users.”

Kaspersky Security cites the following statistics: “In 2015, there were almost 2 million attempts to steal money via online access to bank accounts. 34.2% of user computers were subjected to at least one web attack over the year.”

Let’s face it, if the Democratic National Committee can be hacked and Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are being distributed on a regular basis, the average consumer has to be smart about their security.

So what do you do?

Computer technicians recommend the appropriate virus and malware software to protect your devices. If someone calls you, like they did to Curtis at Technology Center, be wary. Don’t allow anyone access to your computer. Don’t click on links in an e-mail if you don’t know the source.

If you don’t know much about computers, it pays to contact your local computer technician to make sure you are protected. The money spent could save you a lot of problems in the long-run. Though the big box stores have technicians, they are not always trained in the latest technology. Whether you choose them or a local computer store, find a trusted source.

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