Heading to Texas? Try These Unique Places

TEXAS hangouts? Yes, they have them. Why not check out Eagle Dancer Ranch or Sisterdale Dancehall & Opera House for your next big social event; both properties offer a historic and beautiful setting. North of San Antonio, these two top ranches can provide everything you need for a wedding, vow renewal or just plain old hoedown party.

Sisterdale shines with its row of 360-year-old oak trees on the banks of West Sister Creek. With its weathered tin roof and original wood floors, this is real history. Built in the late 1800s the property has nothing lavish or ornate, just simple beauty. Featuring a historic dance hall, pre-Civil War stone tavern, and its unique Bed and Breakfast you will love your time spent here. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage to finish out the trip.  info@sisterdaledancehall.com, 210-749-1456.

Eagle Dancer Ranch is filled with stained glass windows and its hand-crafted bar is held up by two 150-year-old cypress trees. With hayrides, buggy rides, canoeing, ranch and longhorn tours, where is there room to squeeze in fishing or wildlife viewing? 210-508-0344

Magic Time Machine restaurants in San Antonio and Dallas are a real throwback for adults. Both locations are packed at the moment they open with young and old alike. The theme here is everything funny and whimsical. Booths are designed cleverly such as a box of crayons, a tree house, the inside of an old bus, or maybe a giant box of fruit. The waiters are characters such as Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Cinderella, Captain Jack Sparrow or Ace Ventura. Starting with the salad bar in the inside of a convertible, the amount of food is massive. A prime rib, cut in half, filled with a crab mixture, massive baked potato, two ears of corn and a side of mushrooms can be had for the incredible price of $19.00—Not to be missed. www.magictimemachine.com

Buckhorn Salon & Museum in San Antonio, one block from the famous River Walk is a privately run museum and eating establishment. Originally owned by Albert Friedrich, the Buckhorn has a truly unique collection which began in 1881 and started out as horns, which quickly became the Buckhorn Hall of Horns. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders frequented the place.

“Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.”

Friedrich amassed his collection from his own hunting trips, and from other hunters and trappers, eventually acquiring the collection of a hunter named Capt. Ernest Dosch. Early on, Friedrich would swap a drink for anyone who would bring in a set of horns to be displayed. A collection of firearms and a mirrored bar were added to the collection of horns. In addition to the horn collection, visitors will also find rattlesnake art and memorabilia of both Native Americans and the cowboy culture.

As you dine among over 350 stuffed heads of every animal imaginable, you can feast on everything from ribs, chicken, Texas Brisket to burgers. The cafe boards up its doors at 3 p.m. sharp, so make your way in early. 210-247-4004 318 E. Houston St., San Antonio, Texas.