Heart Gives Love


“Walk the Turtle” 6/26/2017


A fragment of celestial dust swirls inside each glimmer of human teardrops, releasing a cleansing to the soul and spirit deeply sowed and woven by our Laminin.

A constant creation and re-construction of character are elements in the development of our architecture of wisdom and knowledge beyond the visions of mind.

Currents of time arrange the space we dwell within, consisting of seeds we share found by the frequencies felt when we gaze upon the eyes of our fellow man.

Appreciation for those magical moments when hope prevails by our depths of meditation in faith that reveal hidden connections to the ultimate universal truth.

Blessings to each other provide a purpose to our compassion and desires as we walk among the lost and fill the darkness with the illuminations and reflections of light.

Walk the turtle realizing our gifts of intelligence and imagination are part of the foundation we possess, along with a humbleness knowing our heart gives love.



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